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Exit Summer; Enter Fall

Here in Colorado we are in that in-between time.  I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer but this week I wore jeans for the first time in months.  A few leaves are starting to turn, and I’ve seen large pumpkins in the neighbors garden. So I guess it’s time to start getting ready for…

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Vivid oil pastel burst of color

Feeling Overwhelmed by the Political Scene?

Are current events overwhelming your inner being?  Add in your own life changes and it’s a bit much! You are trying to cope with a lot right now!  Being so busy sorting things out and adjusting to change drains your spiritual, emotional, and physical energy and leaves you out of balance. Wouldn’t it be great to shift this?…

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Hello! I’m back!

You know that old pattern that you think you’ve let go?  The one that reappears just when you think “Yes!  I’m past that.”   I’ve been saying hello to one of my old “friends” who is back to visit. Last week I heard about a stress for entrepreneurs workshop.  Who couldn’t use a better way…

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A Whale of a Tale and It’s All True

  There it was!  A whale spout and back appearing above the water.  In the waters near Juneau – Alaska.  And I was there – on the top deck of the boat thoroughly enjoying the scenery and the cool air rushing by my face as we moved through the water!   And now I was…

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