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Summer Spirit

Life is different in the summer.  We eat different foods and even cook differently.  The longer days and warmer weather beckons us outside.  The clothes we wear change.  Vacations take us away from our normal routines.  Even the pace and activities of our normal days are different. I noticed that the spiritual practices I had been using…

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Get Your Travel On

This is a good time of year to travel.  Take an inner journey…  Do some adventurous self exploration and then reemerge with new form and flower.  For those of us in climates heading towards spring, this journey is an echo of what the natural world is doing.  And for those of us getting ready to start Lent…

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Being Connected and Doing Connected

Sometimes I find myself reaching for my phone to check email or Facebook and wonder “Why?”  What is drawing me out of where I am to the “other” world of the internet? Often, it is a desire for connection.  I enjoy the ability of the internet to connect so quickly and so easily with people…

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