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Feeling Overwhelmed by the Political Scene?

Are current events overwhelming your inner being?  Add in your own life changes and it’s a bit much! You are trying to cope with a lot right now!  Being so busy sorting things out and adjusting to change drains your spiritual, emotional, and physical energy and leaves you out of balance. Wouldn’t it be great to shift this?…

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Sacred Stillness

We are in the midst of twelve days and nights that are celebrated by some people as the 12 Days of Christmas and by others as the 12 Holy Nights. There is a sacred stillness, a pause between this year and next year that invites inner reflection and contemplation. Gift yourself with time to be in…

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Journaling Your Way

What keeps you from journaling?  Would you reconsider if you knew that journaling is Fast and fits your schedule.  You can journal in less than 5 minutes, and you don’t have to do it every day. Not a test.  Spelling, grammar, style, and handwriting do not matter at all! Flexible.  Use it for any topic (large or small)…

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Summer Spirit

Life is different in the summer.  We eat different foods and even cook differently.  The longer days and warmer weather beckons us outside.  The clothes we wear change.  Vacations take us away from our normal routines.  Even the pace and activities of our normal days are different. I noticed that the spiritual practices I had been using…

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Bubbling in Alchemy

Many thoughts and events are bubbling in me… The yellow swallowtail butterflies that have been flying through my days for the last several weeks.  I see them almost daily no matter where I am. The relationship between the universe and me, symbolized by the circle of a mandala – a reminder that I’m always in…

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