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Will you play with me?

I’ve been getting the message to play lately or rather to approach life and my daily doings in a playful way.  I can feel my body expand and relax just thinking about the word play.  (As opposed to the tensing I feel when I think of the word work.) This is one of those times…

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See what you hear

I heard the hawk calling as I was walking.  Turning around, I saw two hawks sitting together at the top of a tall cottonwood tree across the street. As I tried to record the hawk, I became aware of surrounding sounds – other birds and also cars driving by.  I hadn’t noticed either as I…

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Exercising Intuition

I have started walking to work.  My office is at home so walking to work means that I put on my tennis shoes, walk around the neighborhood, come home, put on my slippers, and get to work.  🙂 The physical movement alone is great.  One of the other benefits from this practice is less tangible…

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