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Closeup photo of a gas gauge on a black dashboard with the arrow pointing to full.

Is your tank full?

Have you ever felt that empowered, ready-to-go feeling leaving a gas station with a full tank of gas? As I left the gas station with that full-steam ahead feeling, I realized it wasn’t the the arrow on my dashboard that was lifting me up.  I was feeling empowered by a full internal energy reservoir!  I had…

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The Vastness of Who You Are

Often when I read a blog post or email, a phrase pops out at me.  “The vastness of who we are” caught my attention in Laura Lyon’s recent newsletter. What is the vastness of who you are? Your vastness is beyond what you can put your arms around.  It is more than your mind alone…

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Close up image of an abstract acrylic painting on paper. The colors are deep turquoise and peaches.

Doing nothing is doing something!

Twice last weekend I created space for “doing nothing”, and those were the most productive parts of the weekend! The first time was Saturday morning when I walked the labyrinth with others during our monthly new moon walk.  Walking the labyrinth took me out of active doing and into being, reflecting, and receiving. A deeper…

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