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Manifesting Transformation

The best part of having my recent surgery will be a transformed me, brand new and improved.  There are definitely times when I’d like that to be as quick and simple as a Fairy Godmother waving her magic wand over me.  I’d be happy to jump right to being transformed and skip over the process of transformation. Transformation takes time; it is…

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Going Through, Not Around

Sometimes it’s tempting to hurry around events that we’d rather not have to face.  We can’t avoid them so we want to jump over them and move on.  What would happen if instead, we went through the event, experiencing it and feeling through it, and then went forward? This week I had a hysterectomy.  Although it…

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Only the Beginning

Graduating, starting a new job, getting married, having a child, moving, and other life transitions are big changes.  Or are they?  The event itself is often viewed as the change, especially when months or years are spent in preparation.  We think, “Once xxx happens, all will be different for me.” The external situation does change,…

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