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A Happy New Year hat and two party blowers on top of a wooden Chartres finger labyrinth.

Want to go farther?

Step into 2017 with excitement and feeling good about your self instead of with judgement and self criticism.  You’ll go farther! The start of a new year is a special time to ponder where you are heading.  Our society often encourages making resolutions and setting goals .  But they are frustrating and just don’t work for many…

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Exit Summer; Enter Fall

Here in Colorado we are in that in-between time.  I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer but this week I wore jeans for the first time in months.  A few leaves are starting to turn, and I’ve seen large pumpkins in the neighbors garden. So I guess it’s time to start getting ready for…

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Bring it Home – Don’t let it Bounce off

What do you do to move a new idea or way of doing things out of your head and into your being? It’s so easy to get excited about something you learn from a book, workshop, or elsewhere and then just never quite bring that learning into your life. This situation was my topic in a live video this…

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Brainstorming with Your Inner Wisdom

Here’s a short and simple way to brainstorm with your inner wisdom and see what she has to tell you. Let your responses bubble up without overthinking or questioning.  Just keep writing and see what appears.  Or if you would rather talk, ask someone to scribe for you or record your sentences with your phone….

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Journaling Your Way

What keeps you from journaling?  Would you reconsider if you knew that journaling is Fast and fits your schedule.  You can journal in less than 5 minutes, and you don’t have to do it every day. Not a test.  Spelling, grammar, style, and handwriting do not matter at all! Flexible.  Use it for any topic (large or small)…

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Going Through, Not Around

Sometimes it’s tempting to hurry around events that we’d rather not have to face.  We can’t avoid them so we want to jump over them and move on.  What would happen if instead, we went through the event, experiencing it and feeling through it, and then went forward? This week I had a hysterectomy.  Although it…

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