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Eva Morrell touching bark of a tree

Thriving Together: Friends with Pain

For the past few years Eva has often been in pain.  It has surfaced in a variety of ways: sciatica, torn tendon, plantar fasciitis, and a torn meniscus.  As you can imagine she has developed a toolbox of ways to ease pain and move into wholeness.  She’s dealt with cushions, ice packs, casts, surgery, boots,…

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Get it Moving!

Close your eyes and check in with your body from your head to your fingers and down to your toes.  What do you sense?  You may notice energy moving in your body in a variety of different ways. Do any parts feel “heavy” or maybe slow and gooey like molasses? Are there places that that…

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Growing Together

Division.  Opposition.  Us versus them.  You versus me. Feel the strong energy in those words.  Powerful forces working against each other, often exploding on contact.   There is a lot of energy and frustration without forward movement. Imagine what could be done if that energy was applied together rather than in opposition. Joining.  Together.  We.  As One….

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