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See what you hear

I heard the hawk calling as I was walking.  Turning around, I saw two hawks sitting together at the top of a tall cottonwood tree across the street. As I tried to record the hawk, I became aware of surrounding sounds – other birds and also cars driving by.  I hadn’t noticed either as I…

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Vibrant Presence

Driving home from a recent trip to Iowa, we were amazed at all of the birds that appeared to us: hundreds of snow geese, Canadian geese, three cardinals, some red wing blackbirds, a small flock of wild turkeys (one a male with tail spread), a red headed woodpecker, a male pheasant, a standing great blue…

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The Back Way

Driving the “back way”, I leave the housing developments and go through open space. There is a coyote walking slowly through the shallow snow, moving her head around, looking. On top of the telephone pole there is a hawk, sitting, looking – to the west.  Two poles down, there is another hawk, sitting on the…

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