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Labyrinths Lead Us On

One of the things that I am grateful for is the labyrinth.  The labyrinth symbolism and metaphor of a journey speak volumes to me about my personal journeys in life.  Remembering the Release, Receive, and Return of the labyrinth journey has guided me through experiences, large and small. Here I am letting my favorite local labyrinth…

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the United States.  Friends and family will gather to eat and celebrate together.  It is a day to be grateful for our lives and those in it.  Eva and I are very aware of and grateful for our abundance.  You are part of that abundance, and we give thanks for…

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In Community with Art

Last weekend I was in Grand Junction, Colorado.  This was my first visit and I was struck by how much the city embraces and supports arts.  Sculptures of all kinds can be found along Main Street.  Some sculpture pedestals had posters with poetry written by grade school children.  Did I say amazing poetry?  It was! …

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