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Summer Spirit

Life is different in the summer.  We eat different foods and even cook differently.  The longer days and warmer weather beckons us outside.  The clothes we wear change.  Vacations take us away from our normal routines.  Even the pace and activities of our normal days are different. I noticed that the spiritual practices I had been using…

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What a Difference a Few Days Make!

             Same flower, same cup – four days later.  Sunshine and temperatures in the 70’s to snow and temperatures in the 30’s.  Colorado weather is a great reminder that change happens (all the time). I’ve been wondering what today’s snow is saying to me.  Saturday I spent the day planting flower beds and outside pots…

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Vitality, Sensuality, and Fluidity

“Serpent is a very old, wise creature. As she sheds her skin and emerges anew, she teaches us about the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. She teaches us about vitality, sensuality, and fertility. … We hope that as you move through the year, you will be able to use the snake’s wisdom to create…

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