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Wow, Whew, and What’s Next?

Wow – Saturday’s Open House was tremendous!  This was a huge step forward in launching the Creative Life Center.                   Whew – we were so glad and so enjoyed the afternoon! Inspired by Carol O’Dwyer’s blog post Gratitude and Expansion, we would like to to express gratitude and to expand our ability to…

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The Hurrier I Go, the Behinder I Get

These days I have more than plenty to do, even more than plenty that I would enjoy doing.  (Housework is just not making the list.  🙂 ) What I’m learning is to start by not doing.  Most mornings I meditate – often by simply sitting and breathing, letting thoughts float away.  On “me” days when…

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Gratitude and Kudos

Sending a very big thank you to Colleen Benelli of Reiki Lifestyle.  Many of the wonderful photos used in this website were taken by Colleen and available as a gift on her website.  In addition to being a talented photographer, Colleen’s passion and commitment is in bringing Reiki into the lives of others to help…

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