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Vivid oil pastel burst of color

Feeling Overwhelmed by the Political Scene?

Are current events overwhelming your inner being?  Add in your own life changes and it’s a bit much! You are trying to cope with a lot right now!  Being so busy sorting things out and adjusting to change drains your spiritual, emotional, and physical energy and leaves you out of balance. Wouldn’t it be great to shift this?…

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You Deserve to be on the Radar

When I was learning to paint and choosing my signature, my teacher suggested avoiding a name that reflected being a female.  That was thirty years ago.  I was young and just shrugged it off as a game that needed to be played.  Now I see the undermining message  – that I am seen as less of an artist because…

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Gifts from Grandma

My maternal grandmother has lived all of her life in Southwest Iowa on farms and in small towns.  I am her oldest grandchild.  In this picture I was a couple of weeks old.  Grandma was 41. I have been thinking about all of the things that I have learned through Grandma.  She taught me that a…

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Taught by a Needle

Lessons taught to me by a felting needle (well several needles 🙂 ). Self protection A needle doesn’t know what it is pushing into.  It’s your job to protect yourself. Mindfulness Pay attention or learn to quickly.  (See #1) Create change Move things around once in a while or get stuck. Patience Multiple smaller passes…

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Manifesting the Images

While creating our International Women’s Day event, A Celebration of Women and You!, Eva and I moved outside of linear thinking and to-do lists.  The tool that we chose to use was a SoulCollage® exploration of the question, “What do we include in our event?” (SoulCollage® cards are created to represent parts of yourself, beings…

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