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Fortune cookie paper with the words "Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction."

Spinning Your Wheels or Going Places?

Last week,  I broke open my fortune cookie and found this: Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction. The next day, this unusual SoulCollage® card put itself together.  As the man in the card explained…  “Something propelled me to this place.  I’m going to be somewhere else later.  And for now I’m…

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Photo of a group of different hearts made from paper, wood, and stone. The wooden heart is painted with the words "Listen to your heart."

Where do you go for answers?

Twenty years ago I was good friends with three other mothers of young children.  One of the beautiful things about that friendship was that we didn’t tell each other what to do.  We listened and encouraged each other to hear our own inner voices and find our own answers. What we do at the Creative…

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Brainstorming with Your Inner Wisdom

Here’s a short and simple way to brainstorm with your inner wisdom and see what she has to tell you. Let your responses bubble up without overthinking or questioning.  Just keep writing and see what appears.  Or if you would rather talk, ask someone to scribe for you or record your sentences with your phone….

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7 Doors into the Meanings of Your Dreams

I woke up this morning from a dream about shoes. Gleaning messages from a dream brings wonderful feelings of deep listening and connection. Here are seven doors for you to enter into the meanings your dreams.  My experience this morning is used as an illustration. 1. Recall and record it:   Write your dream down, talk…

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Get Your Travel On

This is a good time of year to travel.  Take an inner journey…  Do some adventurous self exploration and then reemerge with new form and flower.  For those of us in climates heading towards spring, this journey is an echo of what the natural world is doing.  And for those of us getting ready to start Lent…

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And it was Good!

I am bouncing in my chair happy today!  I am excited and honored to be featured in Christine Valters Paintner’s Abbey of the Arts blog with a Monk in the World guest post. And it was Good Contemplative drawing is one of my favorite practices as a Monk in the World.  The story of contemplative drawing in my life…

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