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Lessons Learned from Where??

There is sacred in the ordinary, and everything we do can speak to us.  Here are lessons taught to me by the knitting of a shawl. Loosen up and relax – but don’t let go. There are good times to stop – and the middle of a row is not one of them. Make openings…

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The Power of Connection

“Take the time to connect. So many people do not feel seen or heard. Just by seeing them and acknowledging them, you’re shifting everything for them.” – Panache Desai This quote strikes a chord with me.  I keep rereading it and thinking about it.  Such a simple act, to connect to someone, and let so…

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Touching through Time

Spending time in my parent’s small Iowa town church led me to thinking about hands and touching – and time. How many other people’s hands touched the top of this stairway?  My parents were married in this church.  Was I touching the same place that their hands touched on their wedding day – over 50…

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