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In Community with Art

Last weekend I was in Grand Junction, Colorado.  This was my first visit and I was struck by how much the city embraces and supports arts.  Sculptures of all kinds can be found along Main Street.  Some sculpture pedestals had posters with poetry written by grade school children.  Did I say amazing poetry?  It was! …

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The Sky’s the Limit

It’s that time of year – graduation ceremonies with all of the surrounding excitement!  We get to hear principals and other speakers talk about the room containing future doctors, lawyers, inventors, engineers, musicians, poets and artists.  (Ok, I added the last three because sometimes people forget to mention them.)  My stomach gets this excited feeling…

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Being Connected and Doing Connected

Sometimes I find myself reaching for my phone to check email or Facebook and wonder “Why?”  What is drawing me out of where I am to the “other” world of the internet? Often, it is a desire for connection.  I enjoy the ability of the internet to connect so quickly and so easily with people…

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