Your Wisdom-sharing Path

Sharing yourself (your wisdom!) is your gift to the world and only you can do it!

Tap into Your Inner Wisdom

Giving Voice to Your IntuitionThe first step in sharing your wisdom is to see it.  SoulCollage® is a simple and powerful tool that leverages the ability of images to connect to your inner wisdom.  Your SoulCollage® deck is a visualization of your inner wisdom and also a source of ideas on how to share your wisdom!  Enjoy learning about this amazing process with these two free resources: an ebook you can download and a video to watch.  



Share Wisdom in Circles of Friends

Small groups of friends are great for sharing wisdom with each other – both in person and online.

You are invited to join in the conversation and community in the Creative Life Center private Facebook group, Wisdom-Sharing Path.  Post are only seen by people in the group so that we have a safe space to share our thoughts and ideas – our wisdom – on life and living authentically.  Click here to join the group.

This short live video shares ideas to help you create your own wisdom sharing group.