Plot a New Course

Your change of direction may be coming from inside yearnings or from external circumstances.  Either way, it’s time to create your new path forward.

Be Here, Now

To move in new directions, you need to let go of the past.  Settle into the present moment and gently open up to the open possibilities of the future.  Click here for a free labyrinth ritual to help you be in the moment and open to possibilities.

Practice Changing Direction

7 circuit labyrinth

Use a labyrinth to quiet your mind and be open to receiving insights about new directions.  Experience changes of direction as you move along the labyrinth path.  Remember that as you walk in, you are moving toward the center even when your path appears to be turning away.   Walk a labyrinth any time, any where by downloading this free finger labyrinth (and suggestions for using it).

Tap into Your Inner Wisdom for Guidance

Giving Voice to Your IntuitionLet your intuition use images to guide you in new directions.  Create SoulCollage® cards, and use them to explore possible new directions and to stay in touch with your emotions during this change in your life. Enjoy learning about this amazing process with these two free resources: an ebook you can download and a video to watch.  


Lean into the Support of Friends

Do you have a group of friends that understand your journey and that will support you as you change directions?  This short live video shares ideas to help you create the community you are wishing for – people that will support and inspire you rather than hold you back.