SoulCollage® Resources

Are you looking for a fun, easy to learn and useful tool that leads you into the heart of who you are?

SoulCollage® is a simple and versatile process for connecting to your inner self.

It offers you insight into who you are and opens up a door for your inner wisdom to guide you.

“Images have a way of bypassing the chatter of our logical minds and nudging our deep soul wisdom where intuitive answers can be found and spoken.”
~Seena B. Frost,M. Div., MA Psychology, Creator of SoulCollage®

Making a SoulCollage® card


Headshot of a smiling woman wearing a read and white shirt.Marcia, Thank you for introducing me to SoulCollage Cards!  I was working with my cards today and realized how sacred they feel to me now.  Every one of them is a visual reminder of who I am in the deepest recesses of my being.  They make me smile, laugh, reflect, move me to tears, feel gratitude and encourage me to grow and reach for my goals.  Simply put, they make me happy!  It is amazing that they were created out of paper, glue and intuition.  ~Mary Shannon, Arvada, CO 

SoulCollage® Resources for You

1. Enjoy a personalized SoulCollage® session, tailored just for you and  your questions.

2.  Get started on your SoulCollage® adventure with a free guide for this amazing process – Giving Voice to Your Intuition.

Picture of front page of download guide





3. Discover SoulCollage® tips and techniques on our YouTube channel.

SoulCollage® Card Making Tips and Techniques

SoulCollage® Card Reading Tips and Techniques

4. If becoming a SoulCollage® Facilitator is in your future, download this free guide with 5 tips to get the most out of Facilitator Training and a list of handy SoulCollage resources.

5.  Download a free view finder to help you compose your SoulCollage® cards.  SoulCollage® card frame