Labyrinth Resources

The labyrinth is the signature theme of the Creative Life Center, symbolizing an inner journey to access your own wisdom and reclaim your authentic self.  

You move along paths of Self (your unique way of being), Relationship (connections with others), and Community (group connection) in your life. Walking a labyrinth can benefit each of these paths.

  • Self: A journey through a labyrinth is a great way to connect to yourself and to what you are experiencing and thinking in the present moment.
  • Relationship: Walking a labyrinth with another person can be used to deal with conflict and to deepen a relationship.
  • Community: Walking a labyrinth in community is a good practice for being on your path in community.

By definition a labyrinth has a single entrance/exit and one path that is followed to the center and back out. There are no choices to make as there are in a maze. Moving through a labyrinth is not a test or a race. There is ease and letting go in the gently guided movement through a labyrinth.

Labyrinth Resources for You

1. Explore using labyrinths

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2. Walk a labyrinth any time, any where by downloading this free finger labyrinth.  7 circuit labyrinth

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