Find the You You Love!

There is no time like the present to end your negative self talk and calm your inner critic.  Now is a great time to increase the love and respect you have for yourself!

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Meet the Real You

The first step in loving and appreciating yourself is to getting to know yourself.  You are a complex being.  Your inner critic is only one of your many inner selves.  It’s time for her to learn to play well with others.  Naming and befriending your inner selves helps to bring them into balance and positive interaction with each other.

Giving Voice to Your IntuitionSoulCollage® is a simple and powerful tool that leverages the ability of images to access your inner self.  Create and using SoulCollage® cards is an incredible way to get to know your inner selves.  Creating your SoulCollage® deck, is a way to respect and love yourself.  Enjoy learning about this amazing process with these two free resources: an ebook you can download and a video to watch.