Call in Your Tribe

Being part of a supportive group of like minded people is a wonderful way for you to be seen, heard, and appreciated!  These are the people who give you inspiration and encouragement for your ever constant growth and change.

Create a Supportive Circle

Are you wishing you had a small group of friends that would understand your journey or a circle of women to share your dreams and questioning with?  This short live video shares ideas to help you create the community you are wishing for!

Connect Online

You are invited to join in the conversation and community with people around the world in the Creative Life Center private Facebook group, Wisdom-Sharing Path. Posts are seen only within the group so that we have a safe space to share our thoughts and ideas – our wisdom – on life and living authentically.  Click here to join the group.

Deepen Connection through Interaction

Sharing and shared experience deepens connections within a group.  SoulCollage® is wonderful in a small group.  This simple and powerful tool leverages the ability of images to access your inner wisdom while quieting the thinking, linear mind.  As you create SoulCollage® cards and use them in a group, rich sharing occurs that deepens both the group connection and your personal experience of SoulCollage®.

Click here to read about a group of women who have been bonding with SoulCollage® for over ten years.

Giving Voice to Your IntuitionEnjoy learning about SoulCollage® with these two free resources: an ebook you can download and a video to watch.