Be True to You

Are you ready to live a life that fits you?  To speak your truth in a heart centered way, even when it isn’t what others want to hear?  The heart and soul of the Creative Life Center is to support you to reclaim your most authentic self – to uncover and express your personal truth.

First some inspiration:

Stay in Touch with Your Truth

7 circuit labyrinth

Walking a labyrinth represents an inner journey to access and reclaim your authentic self.  It is a great way to find your inner truth.  On the way in to the center release anything that is not serving you.  Rest into your time at the center.  Breathe into your heart and receive insights, messages, or experiences that happen.  Return along the same path, bringing out the experience of being in your truth.  Repeat this walk whenever you need to reconnect with yourself.   Walk a labyrinth any time, any where by downloading this free finger labyrinth (and suggestions for using it).


Deepen Your Understanding of Yourself

Giving Voice to Your IntuitionYou are a complex being with many inner selves and flowing with different energies.  SoulCollage® is a simple and powerful tool that leverages the ability of images to get to know and love yourself.  Creating your SoulCollage® deck deepens your knowledge of who you are.  Enjoy learning about this amazing process with these two free resources: an ebook you can download and a video to watch.  

Choose Your Traveling Companions

Friends who encourage each other to be their truest selves are invaluable.  You can find such companions both in person and online.

You are invited to join in the conversation and community in the Creative Life Center private Facebook group, Wisdom-Sharing Path.  Post are only seen by people in the group so that we have a safe space to share our thoughts and ideas – our wisdom – on life and living authentically.  Click here to join the group.

This short live video shares ideas to help you gather a group of friends to encourage and support each other to uncover and express personal truth.