DIY Resources for You

Your journey through the wisdom-sharing stage of life is unique and yet there are common challenges that are often experienced along the way.

The links below will take you to resources and tools for you to create your unique path through these common challenges.  Additional support is available to you through Creative Life Center programs and events.

Which of these 6 common challenges do you have?

1.  I’m ready to end my negative self talk and calm my inner critic.  Click here to start a path to loving and respecting yourself!

2.  My change of direction may be coming from inside yearnings or from external circumstances.  Either way, it’s time to create a new path forward.  Click here to start your next adventure!

3.  Being part of a supportive group of like minded people would be so helpful!  I want to feel seen, heard, appreciated, and supported to be true to myself.  Click here to create the group you are wishing for!

4.  I’ve spent so much time caring for others and working to-do lists.  Now I want to make myself a priority.  Click here and start nurturing yourself!

5.  I want to live my life authentically – to be true to myself.  I’m exploring how that would look and what to do to get there.  Click here to start reclaiming your authentic self.

6.  I want to share my gifts and wisdom.  I’m wondering about a good way to move forward.  Click here to uncover your next steps!

Tools for Your Journey

We recommend these tools that can be used to create paths through many situations and challenges.

Blooming SoulCollage® card

SoulCollage® – connect to your inner wisdom with images

7 circuit labyrinth

Labyrinths – a journey into yourself