Reiki FAQ

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How do you pronounce Reiki?

The American pronunciation is “ray” “key”.

What is Reiki?reiki symbol

Reiki is a Japanese term that loosely translates as Higher Power or Universal Mind (Rei)  and Life Force Energy (ki).  

It is a technique that uses spiritually guided life force energy to reduce stress and increase relaxation.  This form of energy healing is non-invasive.

As the body relaxes and the life force within it flows naturally, healing can occur.  As an easy example, clinch one of your hands into a fist and hold it that way for a minute or two.  As you relax your hand you might feel the cells moving quickly to find balance and freedom.  The Reiki practitioner uses touch to remove blockages that hinder the flow of energy in the same way that relaxing your fist does in this simple exercise.  

Is Reiki associated with a specific religion?

No. The great thing about energy is that it is here no matter what you believe: atheist, religious, spiritual.   If you think of a power out there that is much bigger and much more grand than anything you have ever imagined – a power that makes the sun shine, and the moon rise, rain fall to the ground, and leaves rustle in the wind – that is where the powers of Universal energy are from. Belief or understanding really doesn’t matter—all we need to know is that it works.

What is energy healing?

 Our bodies and everything around us is made up of energy. The cells of your body have kinetic energy – they are moving and have the ability to act upon other cells as they come in contact with them. When there is a blockage or imbalance, movement throughout your body is stifled. Energy healing is done by helping the cells continue to move along their normal pathways.

Can I keep my clothes on during a Reiki session?

Yes! Reiki can be done anywhere, anytime because it does not require removal of any clothing. 

Do I have to be touched during Reiki?

No.  If you do not like to be touched, let the practitioner know and they will perform Reiki without laying hands on your physical body. 

What happens during a Reiki session?

As you lie comfortably on a massage table or sit in a chair, your practitioner will place their hands gently on your fully clothed body, moving to a new position every few minutes.   Your body sends cues to guide the placement so each treatment may feel very different.  Most generally, the treatment itself starts at the head and continues down each of your chakras with the practitioner focusing on the energy. 

How will I feel after a Reiki treatment?

Experiences during a Reiki session can vary greatly but most feel a deep sense of relaxation and relief. You might go into a refreshing sleep – especially if things in your life have made it hard to get enough sleep to be fully rested.  You might feel physical sensations such as warmth or tingles as your body releases the tension held in some areas. 

Do I need to know about the chakras for energy healing to work?

No.   Healing occurs as the body relaxes and blockages are cleared. Our bodies are designed to operate without us knowing how they work. 

Does Reiki work on animals?

Yes.  The sensitive and instinctive nature of animals responds extremely well to Reiki.  It helps them to calm, relax, and can reduce or eliminate pain.