Relax and Release Pain with Healing Energy…

When you find yourself struggling and frustrated with things you have no control over, a healing energy session can make a big difference in dealing with the world around you.

Are you ready?

      • Let go of stress that tangles your thoughts and feelings
      • Release tension that makes your body ache
      • Invite healing into your body and soul

You have learned to store tension in your body.  You can also let go of it!  

When you were a child, your body was completely relaxed as you moved and walked.  Can you remember what that felt like when your back was naturally straight, your shoulders weren't pulled up around your ears, and your lower body was relaxed and flexible?   Imagine how wonderful it would feel to return to that state!

Easy going toddler

Healing energy helps return your mind and body to that naturally relaxed state that you embodied as a small child.  

  • Blockages are removed
  • Life force energy flows freely
  • You feel relaxed and alive
  • You think more clearly

Enjoy the tranquil experience of a healing energy treatment in a serene atmosphere.

Conveniently located just east of Highway 36 in Westminster, CO.  Use the Sheridan exit. 

8778 Wolff Ct, Suite 207 

Laura L.

Laura L., Boulder, CO

I loved my Reiki session with Eva.  I left with my physical issue softened and with great new insights into psychological and spiritual aspects of the issue. Eva's healing energy session opened doors for me! 

Nancy B

Nancy B., Arvada, CO

I was feeling pretty scattered before my healing energy session.  Afterwards, I felt like my energy was flowing in my body and I was calm and able to focus again.  I definitely felt more at peace. 

Schedule your appointment with Eva by calling 303-390-1223 or clicking on your choice of session length below.  

Payment for appointments can be done either online or at your session.