Spiraling In To 2018: Your Sacred Path

Move into 2018 with grace-filled intention, rich vision and concrete plans! 
Spiraling In To 2018: Your Sacred Path

This program has been expanded and enriched to so that you leave with even more insight and specific steps to take as you move into 2018.

What do you want from 2018?

Whatever you are feeling as you move into this new year:

  • Worried and stressed as you move through life challenges
  • Excited about the road ahead and eager to plan steps forward
  • Unsatisfied with your life and looking for changes
  • Unsure and wondering

It’s all good!  And this rich experience is the perfect way for you to move forward on your unique and sacred path! 

Spiraling In really helped me to expand and open my thinking.
~Kathi A., Thornton CO

Spiraling In - Kathi Atkins

This day is filled with experiences to quiet the mind and listen to your heart and soul as they help you find your steps forward.  Avoid the frustration of resolutions and goals that get in your way rather than help you get going.

Instead of going around in circles and not getting anywhere, imagine spiraling in to your wisdom in the center.  Connect with your inner wisdom and the rich truths found in your heart using:

  • Labyrinths
  • Movement
  • Meditation
  • Group conversation
  • Personal reflection
  • Ritual

Enjoy using the new Creative Life Center journal you will receive, and take it home to use as you continue your journey.

During the day you will bring light to questions like these:

  • How do I move from where I am to the place where I want to be in 2018?
  • What’s next?  I’m looking for something better in 2018.
  • Where do I go from here?  I’m ready for something new but I don’t know what.

Magical power flows within groups of women as they combine their wisdom of experience, self knowledge, and ability to make things happen.   Experience this magic for yourself, and let it support and inspire you.  Feel understood, appreciated, and valued:

  • Watch heads nod in recognition while you share your challenges and dreams
  • Be encouraged to be YOU

Conversation at Spiraling In

You will be empowered to handle the changes, situations, and opportunities arising for you in 2018 and leave energized and excited about your next steps!

Leave the program:

  • Hope-filled with insight and clear steps forward into 2018
  • Excited by your shift into wholeness
  • Empowered to take new ideas and understandings out into your life

Journaling at Spiraling In



I felt hopeful seeing other women both struggling with, and finding solutions for, life’s challenges.  I’m not alone in feeling the bumps.  If others can find a path toward peace and happiness, so can I.
~V, Denver, CO



Spiral in to connection with your inner wisdom to explore the three paths you walk in life: Self, Relationship, and Community.  

Self –  Feel happy with steps forward to move into 2018 in a way that fits you.

Relationship Feel good about your unique path to improve relationships and be yourself with others.

Community Feel inspired to share more of who you are in your communities.

Enjoy using the labyrinth, a tool that has been valued for centuries due to the rich personal revelations it provides.  Along with creating your own unique spiral finger labyrinths, you will deepen your experience walking a floor labyrinth.

And yes – you get to have fun with markers and colored pencils!

There will be an hour lunch break.  You might want to bring a sack lunch or enjoy going out to a nearby restaurant.  (A refrigerator and a microwave are available.)

The tools and experiences in this program go beyond helping you step into 2018, you will use them later with whatever situations come your way to:

  • Provide clarity
  • Define next steps
  • Get deeper understanding and insight

Be part of the circle on

Saturday, January 13th, 2018 from 9 am to 3 pm

and move into 2018 with concrete plans and rich vision.


The work I did during the workshop contributed to my decision to take a solo trip (which I had never done before) to the California coast for much needed rest and solitude.  
~Toni S., Denver, CO 


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  • January 13, 2018
    9:00 am - 3:00 pm