Balancing Life’s Changes with Reiki I

Are you feeling out of balance? 

  • Kids moved out and now you’re feeling unconnected and ungrounded? 
  • Job ended or maybe you wish it would end because it doesn’t allow you to be you?
  • Long-term relationship ended and you don’t know who you are anymore? 
  • Trying to cope with a lot but life is too busy to sort things out and make adjustments? 

Life changes like these drain your spiritual, emotional, and physical energy leaving you tired, out of alignment, and out of balance.

Imagine how good it would feel to get your energy flowing smoothly. To feel relaxed, grounded, more focused, connected — to be in balance again!

You are invited to do just that at:
Balancing Life’s Changes with Reiki I
Saturday, August 20, 2016 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

This program has been tailored for women like you who are weighed down with life changes and looking for a way to release stress and feel better.

Self reikiIf your old support tools aren’t working the way they used to, it’s time for a new tool.  A self care tool that you can use for:

  • renewing your energy
  • unwinding your stress
  • reducing your anxiety
  • lessening your pain

Reiki (pronounced “ray key”) is a connection to the universal energy that flows all around and in us.  Perhaps you have felt that energy looking at a beautiful sunset or standing in the center of the labyrinth completely relaxed?  Now you can learn how to bring about that same feeling in any situation! 

Deepen your connection to the energy that flows through all life and learn to invite it to move through you to reduce stress and increase relaxation for yourself and others.  

Reiki Hands


During this program you receive Reiki and learn to give it.  Both help the balance and flow of your energy, leaving you feeling more relaxed and in a better place.  



Nancy BI was feeling pretty scattered before my Reiki session.  Afterwards, I felt like my energy was flowing in my body and I was calm and able to focus again.  I definitely felt more at peace. 
~Nancy B, Arvada, CO


You will be guided in

  • Feeling and moving energy
  • Multiple ways to sense body energy flow
  • Delivering relaxation and stress relief to yourself and others

reiki symbol


The day ends in ceremony as you experience a personal attunement to open you to the universal energy and the power of Reiki.

You will take home your own copy of The Healing Touch First and Second Degree Manual from the International Reiki Organization ($28 value).  This program provides you with Reiki I certification.  Further training to expand your knowledge and use of Reiki is available through Reiki II and III programs.

Self Reiki - Marcia



Reiki is a great tool to use when you are feeling out of balance, stuck, or stressed and want to feel more in control of your life.  Join us to experience your personal shift!

Saturday, August 20, 2016 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Location:  Creative Life Center at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, easy access at the edge of Boulder and Louisville, CO  Directions and Map

Eva Morrell, Director Creative Life CenterPresenter:  Eva Morrell, an Usui Reiki Master, finds joy in helping people attain comfort and happiness – both physically and emotionally. The gift of Reiki has proven to be the ideal vessel for this.  It is not only a way to send peace and healing into the world one person at a time, but also an opportunity to impact harmony on a global level.


Do you have a friend who wants to relieve the stress of life changes?  Come together to support each other and save $100!

As with all CLC programs, you will enjoy benefits to:

Triple SpiralSelf –  Reduce your own stress with self Reiki.  Giving Reiki improves your connection to the universal energy.
Relationship –  Help others reduce their physical and emotional stress and be open to healing.
Community –  Improve the collective energy each time you give Reiki.



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    August 20, 2016
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm