Recipes for the Soul: Retreat Day

Do certain foods transport you to memories of another time and place?  Does just smelling your favorite comfort food make you feel better? 

The upcoming holiday season brings with it smells and tastes that make your mouth water and fill your heart with desire.  Are you worried that you will end up feeling regretful because you ate too much or feel denied because you can’t eat what you would really like to?

Sometimes it doesn’t matter that you eat, you just don’t feel satisfied.  The food tastes good, so what is missing?  Your soul has a need that isn’t being nourished.  

Imagine how you would feel if you could nourish both your soul and your body this holiday season.

Uncover your recipe for nourishment at:
Recipes for the Soul 
A Retreat Day

Food does so much more than feed your body.  It excites, heals, and expands you.  

Homemade chicken soup and fresh picked apples.


Close your eyes and imagine:

  • Sounds of bacon sizzling in the pan
  • Tangy sweet smells of an orange being peeled
  • Warm and savory sensations in a spoon of soup



Are you ready for more?

Bite of truffleWe created this program so you can find the “ingredients” in your favorite foods that nourish your soul without taking a bite. 

And so when you do take a bite you are nourished in body and soul!

During this program you bite into questions like these:

  • What foods call to me?
  • Why?  What needs and desires am I looking to fill?
  • How can I satisfy them?

The fire under your pot is the group of women gathered.  It’s a magic fire that sparks your inspiration and warms your heart with support.  There is nothing quite like a group of women to get things cooking!

Your stirring spoon is SoulCollage® – a magical process that uses images to bypass your thinking mind and talk directly with your heart and inner wisdom.

Creating a SoulCollage® card

Are you new to SoulCollage®?  One of the great things about this tool is that it is simple to learn and anyone can do it.  Cutting and pasting are the only skills needed to make a deck of personal cards like this one.

Empowered Authentic You Soul Collage® card

Click this button and get started on your SoulCollage® adventure with our free introductory guide:

This video explains the process more and shows you how to make a card.

The recipe for this retreat is one of those pinch of this and dash of that kind of recipes.  You taste and adjust as you go.  The final result is uniquely yours and exactly what feeds your soul.

Vera ASoulCollage® gatherings are a unique and very special way to meet with others searching for inner truth, trust, and opportunities to enhance their lives.  There is a wonderful balance of structured vs. inner-directed time, so useful in making a short break from the stresses and routine of everyday life.
Vera A., Westminster, CO

The morning session is group prep and cooking time: 

  • Connect with your inner wisdom in guided group time with SoulCollage® and more
  • Choose your ingredients and mix up nourishing food for your soul
  • Create 1-2 SoulCollage® cards

The afternoon session is personal cooking time:  

  • Spicy ideas and support are available as you enjoy time to make cards 
  • Continue with Recipes for the Soul or expand out as your heart leads you
  • Create SoulCollage® cards for two hours

Create your own retreat experience by choosing morning, afternoon or both!

All supplies and materials are provided.   If you prefer to use your own card making tools, please bring them.

There will be an hour lunch break between the sessions.  You may bring a sack lunch or leave to eat.  There is a refrigerator to keep your food cool. 

Be excited to head into this holiday season able to nourish your soul and body!  Leave the program:

  • Expanded by time with the sugar and spice of your life
  • Excited to nourish both your body and soul
  • Empowered to explore questions of the heart and soul using SoulCollage®

Luscious Dessert


Treat yourself to a SoulCollage® event through Creative Life Center.  Marcia provides a wonderful and relevant-to-your-life experience.  The programs I have experienced have been varied and interesting, always with a question or theme to challenge my heart, head and soul.  Try it. You’ll be back for more!
Nancy R, Arvada, CO

Be part of what’s cooking on

Saturday, November 5th, 2016 

Pizza sliceWhip up the perfect retreat by choosing one or both experiences.

  • Recipes for the Soul Guided Group Program, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • Personal Card Making, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

You’ll be done in time for Saturday night pizza!


Location:  Creative Life Center at St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Arvada, CO  Directions and Map

Marcia ChadlyPresenter:  Marcia Chadly has been guiding women into connection with their heart and inner wisdom using SoulCollage® for over 10 years.

SC facilitator logo

Do you want to come to the full day or join us for the morning or afternoon?

Buffy CMaking the time for SoulCollage® is an incredible gift I give myself that carries me through everyday life.  Marcia creates such a loving, safe, fun and inspirational space which allows me to expand in to the SoulCollage® experience even more.  This sacred space has become a life line for me. 
Buffy C., Denver, CO 


Does the idea of nourishing your soul appeal to you?  Is something keeping you from registering now?

There are so many things that could lead you to say no when you could say yes.  Take a moment to consider the possibility of yes.   Ask yourself how your soul would be nourished by stirring imagines and your own wisdom together in the magical company of a group of women.  Treat yourself to something that will be really helpful to you.  You are so worth it!

As with all CLC programs, you will enjoy benefits to:

Triple SpiralSelf –  Feel good about your shift into nourishing your soul and your body.
Relationship – Be inspired to enjoy food with family and friends in a soul nourishing way.
Community – Feel excited about taking care of you as you celebrate the holidays with your communities.


Click on the icon below to add this program to your calendar.

  • Soul Food Morning Program
    November 5, 2016
    9:00 am - 12:00 pm
  • Soul Food Afternoon Card Making
    November 5, 2016
    1:00 pm - 3:00 pm