Fresh Start 2017: New Moon Labyrinth Walk


A new year is beginning!  Are you looking for new insights and energy?

Step into 2017 guided by your own inner sight and clarity as you walk a labyrinth.  Ask a question and you will be amazed with the awareness you receive!

Spiraling In Walking

Fresh Start 2017: New Moon Labyrinth Walk

We are holding a special Fresh Start labyrinth walk to celebrate the first new moon of 2017 on Saturday, January 28th.  The magic of a new year combined with the new moon!  The walk is free and all are invited.

Maybe you are looking at 2017 and are…

  • Curious about where to go next
  • Feeling stressed, worried, depleted, sad, lonely, or angry
  • Sensing an inner nudge to spend more time taking care of yourself

You want to feel whole, empowered, and alive and you have questions about your next steps.  The labyrinth walk is perfect for any kind of life change or when you are pondering a soulful question.

Spiraling In at the Center

This ancient spiritual tool will allow you to welcome all of your feelings and also open your heart to fresh beginnings.  All you need to do is to show up and be willing to trying something new.

This walk will be enhanced with live harp music by Diane Carter of Harpessence.  What an extra special way to walk a labyrinth!

Join in community with other women stepping into 2017 and be grounded in the experience of the natural cycle of beginning, coming to fullness, and then ending to begin again.

“Although I’d walked that same labyrinth numerous times, I immediately felt the added depth and richness created by walking as part of the new moon group.  It was a powerful for me.”

~Carol O, Denver, CO

Spiraling In walkYou will leave with new clarity, focus, energy, direction and more.  Please join us!

The gifts of the new moon are a fresh start and new perspectives.  Deepen your experience of this first new moon of 2017 with your labyrinth walk.

A labyrinth has a single path.  There are no choices to be made, and it is not a race or a test. You walk in to the center (Releasing), pause in the center for as long as you wish (Receiving), and then walk out along the same path (Returning).  

Each walking experience is unique and sacred.

My Walk Today Lyons

Your new moon walk offers time for you to:

  • Focus on dreams and desires for 2017
  • Make a fresh start in your life
  • Set intentions to untangle your situation

The pre-walk gathering with ritual and intention provides centering inspiration to celebrate this first new moon of 2017.  Walk the labyrinth at your own pace, supported by the energy of the group.  (Provided finger labyrinths can be used instead of walking the labyrinth.)  You are invited to stay and join in conversation after your walk.

Does this experience call to you?  Can you picture yourself walking into 2017 supported by a group of women like this?

Walking the labyrinth - Spiraling In

Join us on

Saturday, January 28th, 2017 -10:30 to 11:30 am

Location:  Creative Life Center at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, easy access on the edge of Boulder and Louisville, CO  Directions and Map

You will be walking an indoor labyrinth created to celebrate stepping into 2017.

Eva Morrell and Marcia Chadly, the dynamic duo behind the Creative Life Center, are leading the Fresh Start labyrinth walk.

Join us to explore your new beginnings and fresh possibilities for 2017!


The walk is free.  Preregister to receive an email a few days before the walk with ideas to enhance your experience of the walk and detailed directions with parking information.

Marcia H

“The Labyrinth walk was an opportunity to feel aligned with the rhythm of the universe, to feel grateful and grounded in this beautiful place and this good life.”
~Marcia H, Westminster, CO


Would you like to extend your walk into a deeper experience of stepping into 2017?  Combine the morning labyrinth walk with with our related afternoon program, Spiraling In To 2017: Your Sacred PathClick here to see if the combination would help inspire new steps forward for you!

As with all CLC programs, you will enjoy benefits to:

Triple SpiralSelf – Ground and align yourself with the moon’s cycle as as you move into the possibilities of your 2017.
Relationship – Bring a friend with you to share in this time of becoming clear on desires and dreams.
Community – Be part of the synergy and connection of the group, holding space for each other’s walk.


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  • January 28, 2017
    10:30 am - 11:30 am