Expressions of Women’s Wisdom: An International Women’s Day Celebration

Enjoy a evening of heart-warming community, immersed in the expression of women’s wisdom with local poets and artists.  Join in celebrating each other and the gifts that women bring to the world.

You, your attention, and yes, your celebration make a difference in bringing the full potential of women to the world!

Expressions of Women’s Wisdom: An International Women’s Day Celebration

Pathway of: CLC Community

Saturday, March 5th, 2016 – 7:00 to 9:00 pm

Event Location:  Creative Life Center at St. Ambrose Episcopal Church, at the edge of Boulder and Louisville, CO  The celebration will be in the Barcelona House.  Directions and Map

Hosts:  Eva Morrell and Marcia Chadly

Eva and Marcia are the dynamic duo behind the Creative Life Center.  Marcia is a lover of color, creativity, community, labyrinths, and sacred space.  Eva is a Reiki master and is an enthusiast of movement, music, healing, and nature.

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Men are warmly welcome to join this celebration of women and the gifts they bring to the world!

Program Description:
The Center’s Third Annual celebration of International Women’s Day is a showcase of the expression of local women’s wisdom – including yours!   Celebrate the extraordinary lives of ordinary women.  All women’s lives are worthy of respect and exploration, enrichment and affirmation.  When we express our wisdom through creation and connection, the process is also a way to honor all women’s lives – our lives are worthy material for art and sharing!

  • Hear wisdom in poetry
  • See wisdom in art
  • Feel wisdom in music
  • Experience wisdom in movement
  • Taste wisdom in refreshments

street corner readingPoetry:
Local poets Carolyn Jennings, Valerie Szarek and Vicki Mandell-King examine their own lives through the eyes of poetry-creation.  This reading embraces the pains and pitfalls, triumphs and growth, spiritual threads and striking insights, and domestic moments and glimpses of wonder in the poets’ lives—and yours.

Reading from:

  • Hunger Speaks a Memoir Told in Poetry
  • Shrinking into Infinite Sky
  • Signs of Life
  • Tenacity of Lace

Local artists Suzanne Frazier, Susan Helen Strok, and Paula Peacock share their art and their expression of “women’s wisdom” with you.

SusanHelenStrok KindredSpirits MixedMedia USA

“Kindred Spirits” Mixed Media © Susan Helen Strok 2013

Altered Soul by Paula Peacock

"Altered Soul" Mixed Media by Paula Peacock

“Altered Soul” Mixed Media©Paula Peacock

Colorado Starlight Evening by Suzanne Frazier

“Colorado Starlight Evening” Oil on Canvas ©Suzanne Frazier

See the wisdom in another and feel the appreciation of being deeply seen.  Experience the blessing of connection by moving and speaking in a simple Sufi blessing circle dance, led by Marsha Clark.

Feel the wisdom expressed through music as Lisa Frisch plays the Native American flute.

A celebration needs food and drink!  Enjoy plenty of delicious  choices – gluten free too.

You will emerge

  • Empowered by the wisdom shared
  • Inspired to share your wisdom
  • Connected in community with like-minded people

International Women's Day LogoInternational Women’s Day is a global celebration of the achievements of women, past, present, and future.  It is a recognition of the positive benefits to the world from the alchemy of both genders in equal connection and community.  Learn more about International Women’s Day here.

“sexism pervades our culture, and so it is often unconsciously absorbed/internalized by everyone, including women. Feminism is an act, not a bumper sticker. It requires the constant re-evaluation of one’s assumptions, habits, and biases. By being a part of the system, women are often a part of the problem.”  VIDA: Women in Literary Arts

You, your attention, and yes, your celebration make a difference in bringing the full potential of women to the world!

Honored Guests!
Poets:  Carolyn Jennings, Vicki Mandell-King, and Valerie A. Szarek

Carolyn JenningsWriting saved Carolyn Jennings’ life.  Her journey experiencing the power of writing began in the late 80s when she started to journal as a tool in recovery from an eating disorder.  She discovered a love for poetry and a winding journey to develop the craft.  Her book, Hunger Speaks a Memoir Told in Poetry: A Celebration of Recovery from an Eating Disorder, is winner of a Colorado Publishers Association 2010 EVVY award and the Past President’s Award given to the book of the year.

Vicki Mandell-KingVicki Mandell-King has been writing poetry seemingly all her life, even during a thirty-year career as an Assistant Federal Public Defender. Her poetry has been published in numerous fine journals. Vicki’s first book is called Tenacity of Lace. Her second, Shrinking into the Infinite Sky, has just been published by Future Cycle Press.

Valerie SzarekVal Szarek’s voice is a familiar one at open mikes in the Denver/Boulder area.  Her poetry is an invitation to the listener to journey into addiction recovery, presence, heart, Spirit and nature, and to skate the fine-line between worlds.  Her most recent book, “Signs of Life” was a finalist for Colorado Author’s League 2015 poetry book of the year award and the Independent Publishers’ award.

Artists  Suzanne Frazier, Susan Helen Strok, and Paula Peacock

Suzanne FrazierSuzanne Frazier is a working artist with a studio in Prospect New Town.  She combines a BFA degree in Studio Arts from the University of Colorado with a BA degree in Philosophy from Lake Erie College to create a new approach to art making.  Suzanne’s book, Contemplative Art (2015), explains her definition for contemplative art and how she arrived at calling herself a contemplative artist.

Susan_BioPIC-B&W_web-2015Susan Helen Strok is a Contemporary Figurative Artist using classical techniques in pencil and paint to create her drawings and paintings.  The greater body of her work delves into the universal feminine yearning for connection, freedom, and transformation – all inner journeys which she interprets through metaphor, symbolism and color.  Susan has long held the belief that the more private the emotional story, the more universal the message.  She works out of her studio in Longmont, CO.

Paula Peacock2Paula Peacock is a still life oil painter living and working in Colorado.  Painting is a key to her secret garden, through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole and her form of meditation. From the first time Paula applied paint to brush to canvas the process has always struck her as magical.  Her work is a conduit for her lifes’ joys, trials and tribulations and her paintings, more than words, reveal her responses to those experiences.

Sufi Blessing Dance Leader:  Marsha Clark

Marsha R. ClarkMarsha is a licensed massage therapist, in private practice for thirty-five years.  She is a Reiki master and employs various other energy modalities in her work.  Her work centers on helping those with chronic pain and/or autoimmune issues, lingering grief, and releasing daily stress or powerful dis-stress.  She also assists the dying in their transition from finite to infinite.

As with all CLC programs, you will enjoy benefits to:

Self – Experience the value of witnessing the expression of others, and feel called to share your unique woman’s wisdom.
Relationship – Rich connection with individuals through movement and words with the Sufi blessing circle dance.
Community – Shared experience and meaningful interaction connecting you to this group of like-minded local women.

Being a part of this celebration and showing your appreciation for the expression of women’s wisdom is a step to bring the full potential of women to the world.   Register now to celebrate International Women’s Day with us!

  • March 5, 2016
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm