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The backs of 4 women with bright colored coats, arms around each other.

Creating the Community You Desire

Are you searching for either of these: Connection with other people interested in personal and spiritual exploration Encouragement to follow your unique path and support it with spiritual practice They are common challenges for many people at the Creative Life Center! The desire to create new community and personal support happens throughout life for all…

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Photo of a group of different hearts made from paper, wood, and stone. The wooden heart is painted with the words "Listen to your heart."

Where do you go for answers?

Twenty years ago I was good friends with three other mothers of young children.  One of the beautiful things about that friendship was that we didn’t tell each other what to do.  We listened and encouraged each other to hear our own inner voices and find our own answers. What we do at the Creative…

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When Angels Talk…

Two weeks ago I woke up with ideas for a retreat popping into my head – a retreat exploring change and making choices.  Lots of possibilities were bubbling up including using: Eve, Oprah, maps, Alice in Wonderland, balls of yarn, Indiana Jones, SoulCollage®, David Whyte, Jan Richardson, dragons, and labyrinths.  And yes, amazingly they do all…

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Picture of Mamma Mia! DVD case with pink boa and sparkly blue background.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Saturday night is pizza and movie night at our house.  This past Saturday we watched the original Mamma Mia!  Even after having seen it at least half a dozen times, we noticed new things and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! How do you follow up an evening like that?  Head to the theater to see Mamma Mia! Here…

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Photo of two women sitting close and laughing together.

Got Community?

The foundation of the Creative Life Center is the vision that we each claim our purpose, share our wisdom, and build meaningful community by creating unique and sacred paths of self-discovery and growth. Why community?  Because wisdom is innate in every person (you too!), and when wisdom is shared, it makes the world a better…

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