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Photograph of a woman looking through a telescope at a city below.

Looking Ahead

We have a dream, a vision of where the Creative Life Center is headed.  This dream has been with us since the very beginning.  It is an integral part of the Center and guides its evolution. The Center has its own building and grounds.  It is located in a community where people can easy come…

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Curiouser and curiouser!

I was looking for an adventure story.  There are great adventurers throughout the gender spectrum, and I wanted to find a familiar adventure story with a female main character. Finally it came to me – Alice!  She stumbles into a wonderland of adventure, and by journeying through new experiences learns more about herself. “I can’t…

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Touching through Time

Spending time in my parent’s small Iowa town church led me to thinking about hands and touching – and time. How many other people’s hands touched the top of this stairway?  My parents were married in this church.  Was I touching the same place that their hands touched on their wedding day – over 50…

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