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Acrylic painting of an "eye" with yellow, sun like iris and purple lid. There are vines growing up the left side of the painting.

Big, Better, Best

I start with big, expansive thinking and then, iteration by iteration, distill and refine my ideas into form.  That’s my creative process for physical objects like the painting above and when I create less tangible things like a workshop. The video below is a great example.  My original idea was to create a video about…

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Jumble of puzzle pieces

Putting the Pieces Together

We put together a large puzzle at our house over the holidays.  At first those 1000 pieces seemed very daunting.  Little by little they came together, and it became easier and easier to find new connections. Heading into 2020 is like a freshly opened puzzle.  At the Creative Life Center, this year’s puzzle pictures new…

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four macarons balancing near two and one macarons

What do you want out of 2020?

Here are some words to spark your pondering: magic, silence, treats, lively times, action, relaxation, adventure, wondering, wandering, sacredness, learning, time, money, color, water, friends, family, challenges, completion, awareness, connection, heart, plants, laughter, books, … You can reflect on what you would like from 2020 by finishing this blessing. May 2020 be blessed with ___________________________….

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Monarch butterfly chrysalis, almost hatching, and newly hatched beside each other.

Thriving in 2020

From small tweaks to major transformation, change is part of a thriving life! This is a good time to reflect on changes in the past year.  What changed for you in 2019? Changes at the Creative Life Center during 2019 included: Creating the Imaginarium Expanding our SoulCollage® card making program Reinvigorating our YouTube channel  (Enjoy…

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The sun setting over dark mountains.

Making it Happen

They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. ~Andy Warhol That quote is perfect for this time of year.  The fresh possibilities of 2020 will be here in a blink of an eye.  But…  It’s not simply the flow of time into a new year that brings changes.  You…

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A woman walking in front of flaming floating on a background of oranges. There are two butterflies on orange flowers in front of her.

A Friendship with Fire

Fire is a powerful physical force: from the destructive fires raging in California to the fire in your fireplace that transforms the room with warmth and flickering light.  Fire is a powerful symbol: Burning the candle at both ends Fired up Spark of insight Going up in smoke Fire is a powerful resource.  In this…

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