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Looking into a waiting room with a table and chairs, a seating area, and a plant on a stand. A massage table is visible in a room beyond.

My Heart is Singing

The positive response to our Westminster space makes my heart sing! “I like your new space!” (An appreciative client of Mary Foster, the therapist in our suite.) “I’m floating in the clouds.” (A relaxed healing energy client after her session with Eva.) “My new mat boards were delivered today!  I now have 4 SoulCollage® cards!”…

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Grateful for the hard stuff?

I’ve been thinking about gratitude this month.  What it is.  What to do with it.  How it feels.  This morning I woke up wondering how to be grateful for everything, including the hard stuff. It’s easy to be grateful for dreams that bring deep understanding, but what about the ones that leave you feeling terrible?  I can have…

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in the United States.  Friends and family will gather to eat and celebrate together.  It is a day to be grateful for our lives and those in it.  Eva and I are very aware of and grateful for our abundance.  You are part of that abundance, and we give thanks for…

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A Labyrinth of Color

This past weekend I walked a labyrinth that I have walked many times before and yet the experience was fresh and new.  Usually my experience of a labyrinth walk is very internal.  Instead, this walk was a connection to what was surrounding me. It was a beautiful fall day in Colorado.  As I enjoyed the turning path of…

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