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We are Celebrating

Celebration adds sparkle and excitement – not to mention friends and often balloons.  I bring celebration into my life as often as possible!  We have two excellent reasons to celebrate this April: the 5th Anniversary of the very first open house we had for the Creative Life Center and the 1st Anniversary of our Westminster space!…

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How are skiing and live video alike?

You never know about trying new things.  Some you’ll like and some you won’t. About fifteen years ago, I decided it was time to try downhill skiing.  I enjoyed snow, was living in Colorado, and wanted my kids to know what skiing was like.  Lessons and skiing with family and friends got me almost comfortable…

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A cartoonized photo of feet in colorful patchwork slippers resting in front of a shelf of books.

What will it be?

Imagine for a moment what wonderful energy would be generated this weekend if everyone took time to do something to replenish themselves? Joyful, centered, calm, fun, grounded, replenished and rejuvenated people would be so great to be around! It starts with you! This weekend find time to listen to your heart and do what it…

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Head and shoulders of a woman with her hands on her cheeks looking at the camera with a quizzical smile.

What are the words to say it?

Mary and Alexis see clients in their therapy practices.  Eva specializes in helping women who are in pain find relief through healing energy. People sometimes ask what my practice is.  Which is another way of saying, “Just what do you do around here?”  You might be wondering the same thing. Well…  I type a lot.  Take…

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