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Photo of a group of different hearts made from paper, wood, and stone. The wooden heart is painted with the words "Listen to your heart."

Where do you go for answers?

Twenty years ago I was good friends with three other mothers of young children.  One of the beautiful things about that friendship was that we didn’t tell each other what to do.  We listened and encouraged each other to hear our own inner voices and find our own answers. What we do at the Creative…

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When Angels Talk…

Two weeks ago I woke up with ideas for a retreat popping into my head – a retreat exploring change and making choices.  Lots of possibilities were bubbling up including using: Eve, Oprah, maps, Alice in Wonderland, balls of yarn, Indiana Jones, SoulCollage®, David Whyte, Jan Richardson, dragons, and labyrinths.  And yes, amazingly they do all…

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Closeup photo of a gas gauge on a black dashboard with the arrow pointing to full.

Is your tank full?

Have you ever felt that empowered, ready-to-go feeling leaving a gas station with a full tank of gas? As I left the gas station with that full-steam ahead feeling, I realized it wasn’t the the arrow on my dashboard that was lifting me up.  I was feeling empowered by a full internal energy reservoir!  I had…

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Picture of feet wearing sandals and having neon green polished toes walking on a stone path.

Marcia’s Excellent Adventure

My boarding pass is printed!  I’m heading off into a new adventure! This weekend I’ll be in California assisting at a SoulCollage® Facilitator training, the last step before I start offering my own training sessions!  I am excited to be one of three new trainers joining the current group of fourteen trainers from around the world….

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