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Photo of a group of different hearts made from paper, wood, and stone. The wooden heart is painted with the words "Listen to your heart."

Where do you go for answers?

Twenty years ago I was good friends with three other mothers of young children.  One of the beautiful things about that friendship was that we didn’t tell each other what to do.  We listened and encouraged each other to hear our own inner voices and find our own answers. What we do at the Creative…

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7 Ways to Stir up Creative Fun This Summer

Summer is play time!  Let’s have some fun with one of my favorite creative processes, SoulCollage®.   If you can cut and paste, you have all the skills you need.  Materials are easy too: magazine pictures and cardboard or mat board to collage on. Seena Frost, the mother of SoulCollage®, loved to stir things up…

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