Are you searching for

  • Connection with other people interested in personal and spiritual exploration
  • Encouragement to follow your unique path and support it with spiritual practice

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You are in the right place.  Creating small group communities centered around personal spiritual practice is what we love to do and do well at the Creative Life Center!

Card Quest groups are… 

You are invited to be part of a Card Quest group! 

  • Four to six people getting to know each other personally over six months
  • Meeting two hours each month
  • Being supported to be you and follow your path
  • Having fun with your SoulCollage® deck: readings and other experiences

Session dates and times are tailored to each specific group.


What to bring:

  • Commitment to participate for the full six months
  • Basic understanding of SoulCollage®
  • Your SoulCollage® deck (minimum of 8 cards)


You’ll take home:

  • Deepened personal practice with SoulCollage®
  • Hands on experience with SoulCollage® group activities
  • A group ready to hang out together on its own

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Location: Creative Life Center Westminster
8778 Wolff Court Suite 207 , Westminster, CO
(accessible by elevator)
Directions and Map

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Presenter: Marcia Chadly has been guiding women into connection with their heart and inner wisdom using SoulCollage® for over 12 years and is a Trainer of SoulCollage® Facilitators.

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Registration Fee: $300 with a sliding scale.  You choose your fee and pay after your group is formed, based on these suggestions:

  • $80 – $115  It’s currently a struggle to meet your basic needs. 
  • $115 – $175 Your basic needs are being met with little extra money for taking care of you.
  • $175 – $275  You have some money for taking care of yourself.
  • $300  Things are going pretty well & you have money for eating out, social activities, new clothes, travel, etc.
  • More than $300  If you want to support other people’s ability to attend programs with your registration

Ready to be part of a Card Quest group?  The first step is to fill out this form.  Thank you!