Closeup photo of a gas gauge on a black dashboard with the arrow pointing to full.

Is your tank full?

Have you ever felt that empowered, ready-to-go feeling leaving a gas station with a full tank of gas? As I left the gas station with that full-steam ahead feeling, I realized it wasn’t the the arrow on my dashboard that was lifting me up.  I was feeling empowered by a full internal energy reservoir!  I had…

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Clinking two bottles of rootbeer in front of the setting sun with a field in the background.

A breath of fresh air!

John McCain, Barack Obama, and YOU walk into a bar.  What happens? Let’s look at these other “interesting” situations first. White supremacists are gathering with Black Live Matter activists nearby.  What happens?  Watch as the two groups see and relate to each other as people. US House of Representatives member, Beto O’Rourke, is asked if…

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Section of a form asking "What pronouns do you use?"

It’s Your Choice!

What pronouns do you use for yourself?   Why do we ask this question on the registration form for the SoulCollage® Facilitator Training happening at the Creative Life Center this fall?   The Main Reason for Asking   The #1 reason for asking is for the people who understand why it is there.  We want you…

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Picture of Mamma Mia! DVD case with pink boa and sparkly blue background.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Saturday night is pizza and movie night at our house.  This past Saturday we watched the original Mamma Mia!  Even after having seen it at least half a dozen times, we noticed new things and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! How do you follow up an evening like that?  Head to the theater to see Mamma Mia! Here…

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Purple and white bearded iris in an outdoor bed.

Replanting with TLC

To grow well and be healthy, iris need to be thinned and replanted periodically.  Our iris have been ready for some TLC for a while.  Last week, I trimmed the leaves, lifted clumps of iris, and carefully sorted out the strong growing rhizomes from the older rhizomes that would not bloom again.  With the bed empty,…

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An acrylic painting of the sun setting over water with red,orange, and yellow reflections in the water.

Igniting Greatness

A year ago I sailed off on a journey with a group of women I didn’t know.  We enjoyed quenching our thirst for creativity, breathing deeply as we worked hard, being grounded in community, and catching on fire as we owned our greatness.  Through it all we were guided, gifted with information, sung to, and…

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