Looking at people walking in a city street through the warping view of a large bubble.

Community is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Communities come in all sizes and shapes.  It’s a good thing!  Different communities work better for you in different situations. One of the gifts you can find in community is empowering support to move through personal shift.  Pause for a moment and think about one of your current challenges or areas of growth. What gift…

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Where are you going?

Life is shifting again.  The world is starting to regroup and recreate itself as COVID-19 restrictions are changing. This is an unusually potent opportunity to rethink how you want to live and to design a new future for yourself.   The coronavirus pulled the rug out from under your previous life.   The past several weeks have…

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Two dogs in a Zoom call

How to Avoid Zoom Call Fatigue

Connecting online using Zoom or other meeting tools has gifts and challenges! While you are staying close to home Zoom calls can bring you together with family, help you work, offer learning, and provide entertainment.  And… By now you’ve probably noticed (and read about) how those calls wear you out.  Zoom fatigue is real. Attending…

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Chocolate truffles with Happy Birthday written beside them.

Surprises and Gifts

Today is my birthday and  celebrating birthdays is a big deal for me!  It has been every since I was growing up when I got to invite as many kids as my new age to a birthday party. Inviting 58 people to my house for cake and ice cream doesn’t work so well with our…

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Hand holding a Hello sticker

Cloistered, Comfortable, and Connected

Daily living has become a whole new experience! Online connection opportunities are steadily increasing.   To help you feel comfortable joining in, here are two videos with easy to follow steps for connecting on the commonly used Zoom platform.   If you’ve been part of Center online events, you’ve already enjoyed connecting with Zoom.  Maybe you are…

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A horizontal SoulCollage card with many smiling people and a background of a cathedral of trees.

We are Moving

Some of the steps in creative manifesting are bigger changes than others.  This is a big one for the Creative Life Center.  We are moving out of our current location in Westminster. As with any change, there are endings to honor and beginnings to celebrate.  We are feeling many different emotions all at once, from…

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Heart of colored dots of paint on a black board

Change is the Heart of It

Change organically bubbles up as you are exposed to new ideas and resources.  AND new ideas and resources appear when you make changes.  The heart of manifesting is change.  The past seven years of creatively manifesting the Creative Life Center have been full of exploration and change.  Which of these do you remember? Our first…

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