Purple and white bearded iris in an outdoor bed.

Replanting with TLC

To grow well and be healthy, iris need to be thinned and replanted periodically.  Our iris have been ready for some TLC for a while.  Last week, I trimmed the leaves, lifted clumps of iris, and carefully sorted out the strong growing rhizomes from the older rhizomes that would not bloom again.  With the bed empty,…

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An acrylic painting of the sun setting over water with red,orange, and yellow reflections in the water.

Igniting Greatness

A year ago I sailed off on a journey with a group of women I didn’t know.  We enjoyed quenching our thirst for creativity, breathing deeply as we worked hard, being grounded in community, and catching on fire as we owned our greatness.  Through it all we were guided, gifted with information, sung to, and…

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Close up of a pink-red rose with other summer flowers out of focus around it.

Get Your Summer Bloom On!

Each season has its own rhythm.  Here in Colorado we jumped from a beautiful spring into full summer overnight, well before this week’s solstice.  Summer flowers are blooming, and the hills are changing from green to tan. Summer has arrived! There is a laid back ease that comes with summer.  The longer evenings seem to…

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Photograph of a woman looking through a telescope at a city below.

Looking Ahead

We have a dream, a vision of where the Creative Life Center is headed.  This dream has been with us since the very beginning.  It is an integral part of the Center and guides its evolution. The Center has its own building and grounds.  It is located in a community where people can easy come…

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Photo of two women sitting close and laughing together.

Got Community?

The foundation of the Creative Life Center is the vision that we each claim our purpose, share our wisdom, and build meaningful community by creating unique and sacred paths of self-discovery and growth. Why community?  Because wisdom is innate in every person (you too!), and when wisdom is shared, it makes the world a better…

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Curiouser and curiouser!

I was looking for an adventure story.  There are great adventurers throughout the gender spectrum, and I wanted to find a familiar adventure story with a female main character. Finally it came to me – Alice!  She stumbles into a wonderland of adventure, and by journeying through new experiences learns more about herself. “I can’t…

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