Hands holding and pointing at an old hand-written map..

Looking for the Big Picture

When I’m feeling unsure or even confused, stepping back and seeing the big picture helps me to find my bearings and get grounded.  Are you a big picture person too?  Some of the ways that I find my big picture are looking at maps, exploring new places to know where things are, and finding analogies to understand complex ideas.

Looking for the big picture is what motivated this video.  The Mighty Networks platform* offers a rich set of options that can get confusing.  I was searching for an analogy to both understand and be able to explain the parts of a Mighty Network and how they can be used.

I found my way to the analogy of a building with the person creating the Mighty Network being both an architect and an interior designer.  You can think of a Mighty Network as a building with different rooms.  There are three types of rooms that can be used: groups, courses, and the home area.  Each Mighty Network builder organizes those rooms to create a unique experience for their members.

This video explains courses, groups, and the home area and how you can combine them to create a unique Mighty Network for your online community and online courses.

Watching this video can also help you to understand the “rooms” that we are designing for the Creative Life Center Mighty Network that will open this fall.  (If you want to have behind-the-scenes access and special opportunities as we create this new space, register here.)

May you find helpful ways to get your bearings and center yourself as we move out of summer.

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Photo by N. on Unsplash