A photo of a field of blooming sunflowers with blue sky dotted by white clouds above.

Summer magic – 2020 style

Do you remember thinking – back in March when our lives were suddenly changed by the pandemic – that by summer things will be back to “normal”?  Not so much… 

In fact, even more change is underway both personally and collectively.  Anti-racism work is an important learning edge for the two of us.  This is not something for us to teach.  Instead, we have resources to share if you are doing this work too.

  • Marcia is a patron in Leesa Renee Hall’s community, where we approach unpacking our inner bias through writing prompts and Inner Field Trips.
  • If you are a conscious business owner who would like to have conversations about racism and create a more inclusive business, please consider joining Eva and Marcia in participating in Inclusion in Conscious Business with Nicole Lee and Ericka Hines.

Not everything has changed.  We are still big believers in the magic of community that empowers personal shift and connection to inner guidance.   We are still passionate about helping people have access to that experience.

One way we are currently manifesting that passion is by helping folks to create deeper online connection using Zoom through easy tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.  Here are a couple of videos that may help you.

If your computer doesn’t have a camera or microphone (or they don’t work well), a webcam could be an good way for you to be able to enjoy connecting on Zoom.

If you’ve been having trouble hearing others on Zoom calls or having them hear you, this video is ready to help.

May you find ways to steep yourself in the magic of community during this totally unexpected summer of 2020.

Top Photo by Aleksandr Eremin on Unsplash