Looking at people walking in a city street through the warping view of a large bubble.

Community is Not One-Size-Fits-All

Communities come in all sizes and shapes.  It’s a good thing!  Different communities work better for you in different situations.

One of the gifts you can find in community is empowering support to move through personal shift. 

Pause for a moment and think about one of your current challenges or areas of growth.

What gift found from community would empower you?

  • Support and encouragement
  • Accountability
  • Learning
  • Creativity and new ideas
  • Clarity
  • ____________  (fill in your own thought)

What kind (or kinds) of community might be a good resource for you?

  • online or in-person
  • short term or long term
  • large, small, or in between
  • people you know or those you’ve haven’t met yet
  • people who share a common background with you or people with a wide variety of views and experiences
  • ____________  (fill in your own thought)

Spend some time exploring your answers to these questions and thinking about ways to find or build the community you are seeking.  You might journal, sing, take a a walk, or do a SoulCollage® card reading to dip below the surface of your thoughts.

You can reach out with questions or thoughts in the Center’s online Facebook community, Wisdom-Sharing Path.

I’ve been exploring platforms that support online community in expanded ways.  Have you heard of Mighty Networks?  This video shares my experiences and thoughts about Facebook groups and Mighty Networks.

Video Thumbnail with a picture of a smiling woman and the words "Mighty Networks or Facebook?" and "Best Online Community Platform."

Photo by Vitaliy Paykov on Unsplash