Two dogs in a Zoom call

How to Avoid Zoom Call Fatigue

Connecting online using Zoom or other meeting tools has gifts and challenges!

While you are staying close to home Zoom calls can bring you together with family, help you work, offer learning, and provide entertainment.  And… By now you’ve probably noticed (and read about) how those calls wear you out. 

Zoom fatigue is real.

Attending an online call is different from meeting in person.  Some things are missing.  Behavioral clues and energy are harder to notice.  Some things are new.  You are seeing everyone (including yourself) looking right at you – almost in your face.  And while your attention is on the meeting, it is also on your physical environment.

It’s no wonder you get tired!

Three tips to avoid Zoom Fatigue

#1 Give Yourself a Break

Avoid back to back calls.  Even five or ten minutes between calls to step away from the computer rejuvenates you.

Remember to stop when you’ve hit your max or even better before you get to that point.  It’s OK if you leave a call early or don’t call in.

#2 Control What You See

Switch between Gallery View and Speaker View to vary how many people you see  at  once and how big they are on your screen.

Part of what tires you out is seeing yourself on the screen.  It’s like looking in a mirror and draws your attention to how you look and are being perceived.  If you want other people to see you, cover your face on your screen with a post it note.  Or turn your video off.  That frees you to stand up and look away from the screen without distracting other people.

#3 Get Comfortable with Zoom

Trying something new can be stressful and drain your energy even more.  I created these videos to help beginners enjoy participating in or even hosting a Zoom call.  

You’ll be comfortable with Zoom before you know it!

Photo by visuals on Unsplash