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Surprises and Gifts

Today is my birthday and  celebrating birthdays is a big deal for me!  It has been every since I was growing up when I got to invite as many kids as my new age to a birthday party.

Inviting 58 people to my house for cake and ice cream doesn’t work so well with our current stay at home situation.  But don’t worry; I’m celebrating in other ways!

I started the day with a birthday reading using my SoulCollage® cards to unwrap three gifts:

  • A gift from the past
  • A gift from now
  • A gift waiting in the future

It doesn’t have to be your birthday for you to explore these three gifts for yourself.  Grab your oil pastels and draw them.  Kick up your heels and dance them.  Close your eyes and imagine them.  Find a special journal and write a poem about them.

Or get out your SoulCollage® deck and enjoy the reading I share in this video.

Video thumbnail with the words "SoulCollage® Birthday Reading" and "Surprises & Gifts."

There is more celebration ahead!  One of my granddaughters suggested I have cake today and a party later this year.   You never know, that just might happen!

Top photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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