A horizontal SoulCollage card with many smiling people and a background of a cathedral of trees.

We are Moving

Some of the steps in creative manifesting are bigger changes than others.  This is a big one for the Creative Life Center. 

We are moving out of our current location in Westminster.

As with any change, there are endings to honor and beginnings to celebrate.  We are feeling many different emotions all at once, from grief to curiosity and excitement.

We love to open the door and walk into our office suite!  You can see how I picture the sacredness of this space in my new SoulCollage® card, representing the current manifestation of the Creative Life Center.

Watch over my shoulder as I create the card in this video.

Video thumbnail with the words "Capturing Moments with SoulCollage" and "Special Places"

You probably have questions!

Why move?

Over the past three years we have experimented with different ways of using this office suite.  While we love the space, we would like space for larger events and the rooms are often empty.   Part of the reason the space is not well utilized is that renting rooms to others did not work as we anticipated.

The motivation behind moving is sustainability- to be able to keep supporting you and the rest of the Center community.  It is good for everyone if the Center is manifested in a way that is sustainable financially and in terms of time and energy invested.  Using the current rent money in other ways is a step on the path to sustainability.

When does this happen?

We will move out of the office suite the end of April.  You have plenty of time to stop by and honor this ending and your connection to this place.

What’s next?

The Creative Life Center will continue to be a community for you to reflect, regroup, and have fun as you move through the twists and turns of life.  Even this one!

We remain committed to accessibility and welcoming everyone’s uniqueness and diversity.

Here’s where we’ll be:

  • In person events are being scheduled in rented spaces chosen to fit the gathering.  (The July SoulCollage® Facilitator Training is in Arvada.) 
  • Online connection and experiences are being expanded to allow more people to experience the beauty of the Center community.
  • Mary Foster’s therapy practice is moving to a nearby office. 
  • We’ll still be on the other end of an email or the phone from our home office.   

Part of the magic of creative manifesting is walking through a new door into sparkling possibilities that aren’t yet fully formed.  There are wonderful things ahead, even those not fully visible.  Come through the door with us and see!