Acrylic painting of an "eye" with yellow, sun like iris and purple lid. There are vines growing up the left side of the painting.

Big, Better, Best

I start with big, expansive thinking and then, iteration by iteration, distill and refine my ideas into form.  That’s my creative process for physical objects like the painting above and when I create less tangible things like a workshop.

The video below is a great example.  My original idea was to create a video about the SoulCollage® space at the Creative Life Center.  I had ideas of topics to include and started planning spots to do the filming.

I was still considering options, when a new thought bubbled up.  I could reduce the complexity of the video by honing in on one aspect of our space – image storage.  That felt more doable and also more helpful for people watching.

As I started creating detailed plans for the video, another refinement happened.  I decided to share about a variety of image storage options, not just about storage in a dedicated space like ours.

Now I was excited!  Keeping track of images is a universal challenge for SoulCollage® people, and I had many great ideas to share. 

I distilled my original big plan over multiple iterations into the helpful ideas in this video.  Creating fun from start to finish!

YouTube Thumbnail with video starting button.
What is your process when you are creating?  If you aren’t sure, watch as you put together a tasty meal, plant your garden, write a poem, or plan your day.  Maybe you start big and get better too!