Yellowish colored full moon in a dark sky.

By the Fullness of the Moon

What is it time to release?  My question was prompted by Sunday’s full moon.

Usually I think of releasing as letting go or leaving behind.  But…  Part way into exploring this question with a card reading, I realized the cards were talking about releasing as in setting free, as in allowing something held captive to step out into full life.  My understanding of the question changed!

What is it time to release into fullness and visibility?

There is Truth in that question… and courage needed to step into the answer!

The wonderful thing is that you don’t have to rush into answering.  There is no need to dive right into the swirling waters of big releasing.  Start by splashing in the welcoming shallows.

Here is a playful way to warm up your releasing muscles – with safety and ease.  Find a comfortable and private place, and put on some of your favorite music.  Then try one or more of these ideas while you listen:

  • Set your creative spirit free by doodling with colorful markers or creating a SoulCollage® card.
  • Set your voice free by singing along.  Loudly!
  • Set your body free by dancing, clapping, or moving freely through a labyrinth.

Later as you are ready, gradually step into bigger releasing and becoming more full and visible.   Just like the moon.

Setting yourself free and stepping into personal fullness is a beautiful catalyst for change in your life!

Photo credit: Himanshu kumar on Unsplash