Fortune cookie paper with the words "Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction."

Spinning Your Wheels or Going Places?

Last week,  I broke open my fortune cookie and found this:

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.

The next day, this unusual SoulCollage® card put itself together. 

SoulCollage® card with a man jumping high in the air, over a giraffe

As the man in the card explained…  “Something propelled me to this place.  I’m going to be somewhere else later.  And for now I’m in between and up in the air, way up in the air.”  (You can click here to see a video of that interesting conversation!

Yes!  That card put image and words to what I was feeling and experiencing.

When I set my fortune by the card, another truth was highlighted.  That man can jump high and be totally unafraid, but without purpose and direction it’s a waste of energy (spinning your legs in mid air without anything to give you traction).

This is a message I really needed to see and hear this week.  What about you?

Are you trying to decide if you are spinning your wheels or getting somewhere? 

The Creative Life Center is here to support you in connecting with purpose and direction to empower your effort and courage.

Center experiences to mix and match to suit you:

It’s time for you and me to go places!

Picture of a purple plastic drawer labeled "Your Name Here".


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